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Bot using trash which found farmingw


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I have a problem- last 2nights I made my bot for farming gear and fur-it mails also to another char, after few hours when im looking how it is- character is wearing some trash items... grey while heroics are in the bags.. 

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Thank you for the answer.. That problem was on my grider profile which i crated before.. i think that was happening when my bags were full... Now i get auto-gear addon, to now i have the same gear on char after several hours. But now I have different problem O.o.. My char is not mailing items to another, bags are full, and when my char is looting.. there in wow are information like" xxxx item gear is equipping"... and it is like 

"xxxxxx equipping"




and than i get disconect, wrobot is connecting, and thats agin .....   ???

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