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Check distance from the ground texture.


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D3D.TraceLine( x, y, z, rx1, ry1, rz1, Bit.Or( INTERSECT_TERRAIN ) or something like that possible? I need to know how exactly far I'm from the ground to make good gathering profile ( stable height = more speed )

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Hello, with code like 

        Vector3 found = Vector3.Zero;
        for (float i = 1; i < 150; i+= 0.5f)
            var to = new  Vector3(ObjectManager.Me.Position.X, ObjectManager.Me.Position.Y, ObjectManager.Me.Position.Z - i);
            bool obstacleFound = wManager.Wow.Helpers.TraceLine.TraceLineGo(ObjectManager.Me.Position, to, CGWorldFrameHitFlags.HitTestGroundAndStructures);
            if (obstacleFound)
                found = new Vector3(to);


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