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Huge issues with Fisherbot: Why is the Fisherbot /reloading - and Why is it not looting?


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Question has been asked here already, no answer

Please answer and have a fix, it's annoying. Is it necessary?

(and no, it doesnt help reduce memory usage. its not like the memory clean plugin. after an overnight game crashed due to shutting down of toomuch memory usage)

And 2nd: Suddenly the bot does no longer loot. It worked fine last night when beginning, but then I check back this morning and want to start the bot again, he casts but as soon as a catch appears, it doesnt loot and re-casts immediatelly
I thought this was fixed upon a re-installation, wached it work again and then I alt-tabbed to windows and into firefox to reply in this post, tabbed back into the game and it was the same. still not using the bopper upon catch

@Droidz or anyone can you please answer and resolve this?

Mate, to be reeally polite :) I have paid 45,- to get a full license, can I please get a working fishing bot in return?

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