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Edit Battlegrounder Behaviour

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I was wondering if there is a way to edit the way the battlegrounder fights?

Currently it looks seriously botty. It follows the same enemy target FOREVER, until death, even if there are other enemies nearby. It doesnt change targets at all, unless the target dies or you die. 

Would it be possible to hook an event and change the fight and follow behaviour? Or is there another way?


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Hello, you can create your own product/custom profile, or use event (with plugin or fightclass) to hook "FreeDefaultState" bg like:

        robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnRunState += (engine, state, cancelable) =>
            if (state == null ||
                string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(state.DisplayName) ||
                state.DisplayName != "Free default")

            // put your bahaviour here:

            // if you don't want run base behaviour:
            cancelable.Cancel = true;


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