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Quest abgabe ohne Npc


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Guten abend zusammen =)

kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen, wie ich in eine questabgabe schreibe wo der bot die quest rechts am log abgeben muss?

also in meinem screenshot ist solch eine quest nicht zu sehen aber ich hoffe ihr isst welche art von quest ich meine =)



Good evening together =)

Can someone tell me how to write in a questabgabe where the bot must give the quest right on the log?

So in my screenshot is such a quest not to be seen but I hope you eats which kind of quest I mean =)


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I'm not 100 % sure what you mean.


But I guess it is how to make the bot do quests it can't track.


For that i use one of 2 things - both in the "quest complete field": (remember to set on af the object counter to true


The quest is complete when I have my hearthstone in my bag.


The quest is complete when I am in xxx range of a hotspot.


If you need the specific code, send me a pm, as I'm on my phone, so I don't have it right now

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He wants to know how to turn in a quest that's howing in the PopUpWindow above his questlog.

The answer is using Lua to click the frame (after finding its name), or just the QuickQuest addon.


<QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="RunMacroText(&quot;/click WatchFrameAutoQuestPopUp1&quot;)" />


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