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Spell (In this case Unstable Affliction) casts two times

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tried for the first time to fix my own fight class abit. It kinda worked out ok SO far besides that my spell unstable affliction casts always two times.


I've tried the following condtions:

"Target Buff" name = Unstable Affliction, need = False

Target Buff + Target Buff Casted by Me.

Target Buff Casted By Me.

Any suggestions of what can be wrong?


I assume I shouldnt put it ass "Is Buff" since its a debuff?

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1 hour ago, stayhard said:

Thanks, that did the trick :biggrin:

yea but put the timer 1000 instead of 15 sec. Because 1 sec is better enough for the bot to recognize the dot is there, and its good to have such a short duration because what if it resist or miss?

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