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On 7/24/2017 at 6:55 PM, vegeta87 said:

where do I  make my bot  self buff (  ice armor/ arcane intelect) and   create conjured water? im using   Pve  firemage d.,large and using 1-58 UD profil

1) Self buff:

Enter spell in your fightclass then from options you will see :-

-Is Buff: True

- Check spell distance: False

- Cast spell on self: True


And then add condition:

Buff > Enter buff name > choose False

This means it will cast the buff only if it does not exist. Vesa versa.


2) For Ice block add extra conditon :

Pick any condition you want, for example, Health percent : 50%

This will cast ice bock when your health is 50%


3) For water or food, after you add the spell, ADD condition :

Item count > then Enter ID of the item > count


hope that helped

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