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Grinder doestn work at all for me anymore


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I'm using Wrobot for several months now and never had an issue i couldnt really fix on my own.But now when i start the grinder bot for skinning which is the most basic one in my opinion my character just skips mobs or just kills them without skinning them at all. i used the same settings and profiles for months without any problems and now i cant get a single one of them to work.i have no issues with gatherer fishing or any other botbase so i keep wondering why the grinder is so bugged.

I reinstalled wrobot multiple times and wrote some new profiles without any progress.Skinning and Ninja loot is on, latency change didnt work out either.

I attached a log of a 5min bot session where nothing worked out.


1 Aug 2017 14H52.log.html

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