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For anyone having issues with using the Wand Shoot ability, here is a snippet for you:

// Test if player has a wand in the proper equipment slot | In Combat
if (ObjectManager.Me.GetEquipedItemBySlot(wManager.Wow.Enums.InventorySlot.INVSLOT_RANGED) != 0
    && ObjectManager.Me.InCombat
    && !ObjectManager.Me.GetMove)
    // Wand Shoot
    if(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("isAutoRepeat = \"\";  isAutoRepeat = 0; local name = GetSpellInfo(5019); if IsAutoRepeatSpell(name) then isAutoRepeat = 1 end", "isAutoRepeat") == 0)
      	// Spammable Shoot Macro
        Lua.RunMacroText("/castsequence !Shoot, !Shoot");


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