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Garrison ID's?


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So I still run my garrisons on 20+toons and want to improve upon the public profiles to include gettng the garrison cache and any profession huts.  I believe you can use a gatherer profile and just add the cache to the items list but I need the ID's but I am not sure what to look for in Wowhead.

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So I created a gatherer profile to run around the Garrison, works well.

In the OTHER tab I added these ID's but they bot didnt open the cache, it is just adding the ID to the Interact with Object "OTHER" tab yes?

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So I went through and walked the garrison to get the path.  Added my garrison cache (3 IDs)  first object thinking it would open that first, almost never even opens it.  Next I placed the Herb Hut work order and the herbs, almost always runs to the mine first.  Runs the mine once without mining anything nd then goes back in and mines it.  This profile works sorta but its not very effecient in my eyes.  Also, how do I make it run back to the garrison table/ where the pathing starts and stop?

Also note I did the profile in a level 3 garrison/mine/garden so that might be adding to the inefficiencies.


NOTE: I would LOVE this profile to check for the zone and use the garrison Hearthstone if its not in the Garrison as well....


5 Oct 2017 09H55 - ULTWSS.log.html


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