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Don't cast certain spell x second after finish mine\herb


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As title says, is there way to make bot  do not cast certain spell(cat form in my case) for x seconds after finishing mining\herbing?

Or at least don't cast cat form again for x second after breaking form.

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Hello Droidz, my whole point is that bot gather herb\mine in catform\prowl and should stay in prowl almost all time, but there is cases that i don't need nor catform nor prowl,  i understand that is managed by fightclass, but i cant find such conditions in fightclass creator and almost zero in c#, one thing that i  find useful is bind catform to prowl cd(if prowl cd -dont use form) its viable but not very good. I need something like don't cast form  x sec after mining or, for example don't cast form if standing near node, can you tell me how to do this?Hope my writings understandable:)

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