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Hello there, I have been messing around with new profiles for TBC and I want to make the bot assign the talents by itself. So after looking on the forum here I couldn't find an answer.

So I checked the assign talents options, checked the wow api and found this:

LearnTalent(tabIndex,talentIndex) - Learns a talent from the talent tree.

ok so.. I went to update my Fightclass

so.. basically what I did was:

  1. add the script as spell
  2. set it up as lua script
  3. combat only = false
  4. added condition - me level == XX

now the last problem I face is that I would like to somehow make it run only once, i can setup some high number for it to occur again but that is not what I want. (if I won't be able to find solution so be it)

Ideally It would check whether talent was allocated and then if it was It wouldn't do it again. I want it to keep the best performance and this solution doesn't seem good to me.

-this is the last problem I have with this solution, but if there is some other way to assign talents in TBC I would love to hear them. 

I appreciate any help with this thing! Thank you!

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