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withered hungerers and others


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There's a problem to force the bot to attack a specific mob while he is in travel form, and ignore the others. with options in advanced settings, like "ignore fight while in druid form\sky golem" and mount options like " ignore fight while mounted" it didn't take effect. the bot ether kills all mobs on his way, or ignores them and specific mobs too. the plugin " gatheringmobspawns" didn't help too. People say, the only way is to transform gatherer profile into a grinder profile. Okay, but mybe there 's another way?
I suppose if it would be possible to force the bot to dismount if the specific mob appears closely, he will attack it. How could it be realized? mybe through the fight class? how should the script for this condition look like? or mybe some could make a small plugin?

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It works, but not always.
So, Found an alternate way, just to work together with this plugnin- a MULTIPULL plugin. Just tune it for your own case- number of mobs -1, list of specific mobs- true, and id's of them. works pretty nice. Thank you all for discussion! This topic can be closed.


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