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Relogger tasks - grind then move to a fishing spot and fish

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I recently discovered relogger, it's awesome.

Now, I want the bot to run grinder for a bit and then go to a specific fishing spot and fish. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that.

I was thinking using like a gathering profile with only one waypoint right near the water but first, how would I tell relogger to switch profiles once the location is reached, and more importantly second, when I tried with a fishing profile and the bot reached the spot, my char was not facing the water and kept throwing the line into the ground.


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Grinder or Questr -> Grind for N minutes
Quester -> Follow path to your fishing spot
Fishing bot (have not used it, whatever it does.. fishing i guess, lol. For N minutes)
Quester -> Follow path from fishing spot to grind area.
Repeat all steps.

So you will need 4 different profiles and switch between them and the bot product. You may also skip Follow path steps, if you believe in pathfinder :)



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