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Bot Keeps Getting Stuck


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Does anyone else have this problem? Just wondering if it's a problem with the bot or a problem with the profile I'm using. It's a paid Aszuna quester profile I bought here off the forms, but the bot keeps getting stuck A LOT. Like just in the first 15 minutes of running it ran into lots of terrain and wouldn't go around it. It basically made botting pointless because I had to watch it 24/7.

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1 hour ago, Droidz said:

Hello, Can you share your log file please (


Sure, no problem. I attached two logs since I had to start and stop the bot a few times.

For example: What happens at 14:58:05 in log 1 Nov 2017 seems to happen a lot.

A lot of the time the bot gets stuck/confused in caves and doesn't know how to get in or out, so it runs into a wall. It also sometimes runs into small objects on the ground and gets stuck (for example cages). Also when there is a door that has to be clicked on to open, the bot gets stuck.


Thanks for your help!!

1 Nov 2017 13H56.log.html

31 Oct 2017 22H56.log.html

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