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Condition gathering distance


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I ve created a route for the gathering profile in stormheim to gather Fjarn. Enabled option "Harvest minerals", search radius 100 for all. It runs, but stucks very often, drops into the water, looses much time, and catches the attention of other players... So I disabled option "harvest minerals", it solved the problem of stucks. But still, I'd like to gather mineraIs if it is easy to get to them, say, radius 10-15, just under my legs :) in gatherer profile editor theres a way to insert  the name of game object (node) to interact with, even if "harvest minerals" is disabled. so, could I insert in it not only object, but a condition also, if it is 10-15 meters from me? How it should look like? where should it be inserted? I m terribly bad in writing the scripts, I m just learning from zero to read them first, don't laugh at me plz)

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