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Assist without Party


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Hey guys, im pretty new to the bot. I already found the party mode of the bot, but i was wondering if there is a way to assists another character that is not in party ? When im using the "follow by name" option it follows just fine, but wont assist if the char is not in the same party.



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is there any addon for that?

i found out that you can use wow macros.

i just set the player to assist as focus


/target focustargettargettarget


/target focus


i put them on key 9 and 0 and use an autoit script to press them with some delay in a loop.


it basicly works together with wrotate but it lets the bot run from attacking to following to attacking


so is there a way to let wrobot run this commands condition wise?

thanks for any help in any way that makes this work

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