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Bot keeps skipping / ignoring some of the mobs


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Hi, so I have created a profile for grinding mobs for items. I have recorded a full loop and lowered the detection area (general settings option) and managed to make the bot respect the path. It respects the path, though it skips some of the mobs. Like for example, I have made the path to run into the mobs I want killed, so that the bot kills and loots them. Though, when mounted (ground mount) the bot simply skips some of the mobs and sometimes even a group of three mobs altogether. I have made sure they are the same mobs and made sure the level for the mobs was right. I saw that their levels are 50-52. So, I have added 49-53 just in case. I cannot understand why the bot chooses to do some of the mobs and skip others. What is interesting is that the bot can return and do the group of mobs it did not do before after one-two loops.

Can someone help please?

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On 13.12.2017 at 8:19 PM, clbraver said:

so making it 1500/1500 all it did was slow the bot down a lot, it still starts the skip "run past mobs" after I few loops. it has to be something to do with the targeting system.

Simply add LUA code to some points of your path like this:

lua: Dismount() TargetNearestEnemy() CastSpellByName("Multi-Shot")

Use any spell to attack nearest enemy, i used AOE "Multi-Shot" in example. This will break circle. No need to increase latency. Or use universal script (for any class):

lua: Dismount() TargetNearestEnemy() AttackTarget()

See also 


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