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cant run wow anymore in 32. bit


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Hi guys,


since today i cant use the 32.bit version in my battle net launcher.

And if i want to start the wow.exe 32 bit out of my world of warcraft folder,is says that i have a updated version of wow in my folder.


Can someone help me please?

in Battle net launcher,there is no option anymore for 32. bit...

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seems so that blizzard removed the 32 bit choise on the blizzard launcher options.

Only way is so who iamkdc sayd close launcher rename wow64 in something else and start the wow.exe in the same directory without launcher opened.

When you open launcher again he rename wow642 back to wow64 and starts in 64 bit then you have to do the step above again.


if you using relogger you have only rename it 1 time if you never use the bnet launcher again.


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