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Mob has moved more than 45 yards


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I'm trying to use Quester to go after and kill Rukhmar. However when he comes flying around, the bot will see him from far away and try to go to him. By the time he gets to where rukmar is, he's gone past the pull location I had setup because Rukmar is flying and the bot likes to make a path on the ground. I keep getting the error:  [Fight] Mob has moved more than 45 yards and then blacklist him.


I've tried setting the search radius down to 20 but it has made no effect.

 I've disabled Blacklist NPC/Node if unable to make full path to reach it, so it does not blacklist it now, but still get the 45 yards message and still leaves the area.


Anyway to make the bot not move til a mob gets closer?

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