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Issue with Vendoring & Mailing

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Hey Gang,

Was hoping someone could help with, or advise on the proper settings for Vendoring & Mailing.

I want the Bot to mail everything I loot to my alt, so I can sort out whether I want to sell or keep items.  Right now, it goes to the vendor and sells everything, because of this it has sold quite a few leather stacks and blue items.

Currently, under the Advanced Settings - Under Vendoring I have selling toggled off, and under mailing I have it toggled to mail all items.  I also have a few items on the force mail / protected from vendoring list hoping to save the leather but it hasnt helped.

I just did a fresh install this Morning, it did not resolve the issue.....

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Are you using my plugin? I had someone report this issue to me, so I updated the plugin to not sell (this was only ever active for vanilla - not TBC).
Maybe in the profile you are using, it activates selling everything? It will overwrite your wRobot settings. Go check it out (either the XML file or the first step in your quester).

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