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Important detail (Plugin)

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Ogasai 1-60 grind didn´t worke 100% afk
Wrobot [payed] 1-60 quester didn´t worke 100% afk
Wrobot [payed] 1-60 grinder didn´t worke 100% afk

Any why? Becruse there is not a plugin that black-list mobs that are stuck in a tree or wall
Sometimes Wrobot move on to a new target if the target is stuck but thats only 50% of the time
so olmost every day i get stuck trying to attack a target that can´t be attacked

My idea is a script that goes like this
If target is in range
If no damage out or in
Black list target ID & move on
Can someone please make a plugin for this? I will pay for it if needed.

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