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[Druid] Restoration fight class healing party

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Been fiddling a bit with this in order to get a good and strong party healer up and running. Levelled a Druid for that purpose due to good mana management and strong heals. However, i struggle immensely with getting a fight class to work, and even the party setup to work as intended.


1. Fight classes work, but only partly:  I've tried building a fight class from scratch - that is, my knowledge isn't good enough so i took the Priest Pocket Healer and modified it. It didn't work, it only casts healing touch. Doesn't buff (I've replaced Fortitude with Mark in the Fightclass). I've also tried the class BetterSister mentions in this thread: 

 I copied the text from it and saved as a file with .cs extension. Is that correct? In it's settings, I can change the first ones, but from Rejuvenation and beyond, it resets to default as soon as i exit the settings. 

2. Party members won't eat or drink. I do dungeons where i control the tank and healer, and perhaps a ranged dps, but neither of the followers will eat nor drink. The profile for them works individually when not in party.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Well the Priest Pocket Healer was made for just 2 people. It was to be a follower only type of FightClass.


I can help you some, I made one that worked in both party and raid but i'm not willing to share it all. I used LUA. Here is a simple:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<FightClass xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
      <FightClassConditions />
PQR_CustomTarget = "player"
PQR_CustomTargetHP = 100 * UnitHealth("player") / UnitHealthMax("player")
local group = "party"
local members = GetNumPartyMembers()
lowhpmembers = 0

if GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 then
  group = "raid"
  members = GetNumRaidMembers()

for i = 1, members, 1 do
  local member = group..tostring(i)
  local memberhp = 100 * UnitHealth(member) / UnitHealthMax(member)
  if UnitInRange(member) 
  and UnitIsFriend("player", member)
  and UnitIsDeadOrGhost(member) == nil  then
    if UnitGroupRolesAssigned(member) == "TANK" then memberhp = memberhp - 1 end
    if UnitThreatSituation(member) == 3 then memberhp = memberhp - 3 end
    if memberhp < 85 then lowhpmembers = lowhpmembers +1 end
    if memberhp < PQR_CustomTargetHP then
      PQR_CustomTarget = member
      PQR_CustomTargetHP = memberhp
if PQR_CustomTargetHP < 80 
	CastSpellByName("Geringe Welle der Heilung",PQR_CustomTarget)



I created it using PQR. So it has some PQR related stuff in it ^_^

I have my client in German (Best language imo). 


This is about all the help i'm giving. This is a lot because it will look at the lowest HP target which is named PQR_CustomTarget and if they are below 80% it will cast Geringe Welle der Heilung (Lesser Healing Wave). Also the  lowhpmembers count is made for AoE healing like Chain Heal.


I hope this helps. LUA healing is the best imo. But I never got into the C# code of this program, so I could be wrong.

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