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Fisherbot doesnt click bobber

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Since the most recent days, my fisherbot sometimes just doesnt activate the bobber when fishing. Sometimes it starts working again when i go to another spot, sometimes it only works for like an hour but most of the time now it doesnt work at all. My log shows the normal fishing activity:

20:51:43.048 - [Fisher] Started
[F] 20:51:44.665 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:52:14.782 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:52:45.312 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:53:12.849 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:53:30.879 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:53:48.914 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:53:50.938 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:54:12.923 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:54:30.876 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:54:59.322 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:55:29.429 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:55:46.917 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:56:09.362 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:56:39.552 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
[F] 20:57:06.866 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing) ...


It has worked wonderfully before so is there a fix like e.g. downloading an older version ? If so, can you assist me on that plz, im quite confused on what version to download for vanilla privates if i want an older one :)


Thanks ahead 


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