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Sells entire bag then get stuck

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I have tried everything. I have tinkered with every setting. My bot will go to town on full inventory to sell items. It will sell the entire bag the get stuck in a never ending loop. It also will not repair armor or weapons. 

It says repair items in the logs but the bot never repairs. Can anyone please help?

17:32:25 - [ToTown] Vendor found Krinkle Goodsteel
17:32:25 - [ToTown] Repair items
17:32:26 - [ToTown] Sell items (try 1)
17:32:31 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Krinkle Goodsteel (Repair)
17:32:32 - [ToTown] Vendor found Krinkle Goodsteel
17:32:32 - [ToTown] Repair items
17:32:33 - [ToTown] Sell items (try 1)
17:32:38 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Krinkle Goodsteel (Repair)
17:32:39 - [ToTown] Vendor found Krinkle Goodsteel
17:32:39 - [ToTown] Repair items
17:32:40 - [ToTown] Sell items (try 1)
17:32:45 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Krinkle Goodsteel (Repair)
17:32:45 - [ToTown] Vendor found Krinkle Goodsteel
17:32:45 - [ToTown] Repair items
17:32:46 - [ToTown] Sell items (try 1)
17:32:53 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Krinkle Goodsteel (Repair)
17:32:54 - [ToTown] Vendor found Krinkle Goodsteel
17:32:54 - [ToTown] Repair items
17:32:54 - Number of Spells: 42
17:32:55 - [ToTown] Sell items (try 1)
17:33:00 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Krinkle Goodsteel (Repair)
17:33:00 - [ToTown] Vendor found Krinkle Goodsteel
17:33:00 - [ToTown] Repair items
17:33:01 - [ToTown] Sell items (try 1)

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