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Step done move to next step of quest Gossip quest?


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How do you move to the next step when you have a quest that requires you to gossip with 3 separate npc's but you never get an item? So pulse talk to 1 npc, pulse the next one then pulse the last one then quest is ready to turn in?

I set up 3 separate objectives,  I set them to true to automatically check if complete, that didn't work then tried 1 for objective complete that didn't work either then tried having both lol 

I get nothing in bags to check for item's etc

How can I make bot understand that this step is done goto the next one?

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What quest are you looking at?


i would just use something llike this.  Its clunky and a lot of steps, but it sould work... probably



<followpath to first NPC>
<runcode> ( to intect with NPC1)

<followpath to secondNPC>
<runcode> ( to intect with NPC1)

<followpath to thirdNPC>
<runcode> ( to intect with NPC1)


<turn in>



Each runcode would look like this ( with different NPC ID's and co-ords of course.

var position = new Vector3(-9462.66f, 16.1915f, 56.96339f);
int npcEntryId = 295; 
wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(position, npcEntryId);

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