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Mobs are behind the character after pulling

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Hey guys, im new to all of this and still figuring out some stuff.


When my character is pulling a mob, the mob is VERY often BEHIND my character after the pull... and then he needs 10sec to make a 180° turn.

How to stop that from being hapening ?

I want my char to turn faster or to pull diffrently.



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Just tried it, he is still inside / behind the mob and then akwardly and slooooowly turning towards the mob. Lossing all the health :/ 


but thanks for the info

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Its weird. Now my WoW is lagging hard (frame drops and overall laggy) and my bot is turning 180° to the mob after 1 sec!

Doing the right thing all of a suddon Oo. I changed no settings at all.

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