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Fightclass dll

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Hi sorry, 

I have buy the wrobot today and all is perfect i have understand how use free profil fightclass and which folder when i donwload but when i donwload fightclass in .dll i take him on folder fightclass but didnt work and folder plugin too. 


In which folder we must do fightclass file .dll ?


Thanks in advance

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dll files go into your fightclass folder too.
It's important that you download the dll for your appropriate version of wRobot (so TBC for TBC), because otherwise it might throw an error.

.dll files are precompiled, which means they sometimes rely on a specific version of wRobot too. If wRobot has been updated (or your wRobot is outdated) since the fightclass was created, that could cause issues. It's always best to mention exactly what errors are thrown (error logging, or log in general) or reach out to the creator directly.

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Thank you. 

But when i put the fightclass .dll in folder fightclass like i do for file .xml in the wrobot last version, version for tbc serv i dont see him in wrobot i see only files xml this is my problem ?

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It should see the dll. In fact, it should see every .cs, .dll or .xml file.
It's possible that your wRobot folder has limited permissions or something. 

I'd try starting wRobot as administrator and check that the folder isn't set to read-only.

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