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1.BOT Question 1: Why the configuration file on the forum It did not find the code to write vocational trainer learning skills and no plug-ins, but still will go to learn skills, and every time a level one study, I prepared according to the tutorial Quests configuration file will not go to learn skills.
// This upgrade to find a trainer to learn skills how to write

2.BOT Problem 2: Difficult to combine between different profiles 5a4084f4653aa_1.jpg.790f7537902ae0b184b6b6491d47ee83.jpg

This coordinate can not Ctrl + c, Ctrl + v to another configuration file. Then this happens, 5a4084f588e52_.jpg.4f7466e0c947d42d20447d0cb616e08e.jpg,After a configuration file is finished, it is inconvenient to manually replace the next configuration file

a.// Is there any way to have different profiles merged together and then modified.
b.// or quests order editor there is a command ,go to asd_1.XML => go to asd_2.XML => go to asd_3.XML, to achieve the jump between the configuration file?


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