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Possible to add flying unstuck ?


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I can see that there is some basic flying unstuck when the bot is in "cruising/pathing" mode when following a gathering route.

But as soon as gatherer finds a node the bot heads in a straight line to the node and gets stuck with the slightes object (like a singke tree-twig) in its path.
In that mode  anti-stuck is disabled obviously.
The bot then blacklists the node after  like 30 seconds.   (is it possible to reduce that time?).

Is it possible to activate/allow flying unstuck when hunting a gathering node?

thank you and  merry  x-mas

-- marrvin

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HI Droidz,

thanks for this hint...will try next year.:biggrin:.  I'm leaving to a new years party now.
Will tell tomorrow.
Can I somehow "hack"  the "node-is-unreachable time-out" to a shorter time  (its 30 seconds right now IIRC) ?

Wishing you a    HAPPY NEW YAR

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unfurtunately switching to lua  makes no difference.
The char tries to reach a node behind a rock or tree when gathering - flies into the obstacle and  just makes a very bottish looking "stuttering" for 30 seconds, blacklisting and continue its path after that time.


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