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Not looting


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For some reason the bot does not appear to loot killed mobs. I only see this happen in Vashj'ir. It will attack and kill the mobs, but cannot loot it even though it swims right up to the dead body. I've tried enabling skinning mobs to get it to loot. 


28 Dec 2017 07H57.log.html


Stars around 08:10:57 in the log. I stopped and started the bot several times after changing different options to try and get it to loot. 

So far, it only seems to be with the profiles I have that just sit in one spot.

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I have disabled all plugins. Still happens.

2 Jan 2018 18H29.log.html

I have another profile that paths around, it appears to be able to loot without issue.

The issue appears to happen at different locations. Also changing characters doesn't appear to effect it at all.



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Blacklist Npc/Node if unable to make full path to reach is unchecked. Still did not loot.

8 Jan 2018 18H48.log.html

It's like the bot is not getting close enough to the mob to loot it.

I've noticed on a few other profiles when trying to gather things or when pathing to a specific spot, the pather will stop just before the last waypoint and will log it as it is at that specific spot. Maybe 1 or 2m away, very small distance. Don't know if that has anything to do with it either.

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