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Some more little extras for my grinding profile

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Hey Guys,


actually i'm creating my own grind profiles - first i will try with a Human Paladin - thanks to @BetterSister for 3.3.5a Retri Pala Fight Class :) I've alredy done, that he goes to vendors to sell what i setup - first question: I setup all for mailbox (general and advanced options) - what i have to do more to say my pala he should send all the stuff via mail?Second question: can i say the grinder from Level 5-10, that he should lvl from 5-7 in the "first part" of the path and 7-10 in the second? It would be do it easier to give the route more xp chance? (I dont want that the bot hit green mobs when it give enough yellow/orange/red enemies.


How can i do, that he will go all 5-10 Level to the class trainer, with level 20/40/60 to the riding trainer and also buy riding/flying mounts?


My first attempt is to create 1-80 grind profile for alliance. Then the whole thing again for Horde and working for all breeds and classes. It would be very great if u can help me to unterstand the system :)


Have a nice day and a happy new year!


(Ihr könnt mir per PN oder sonstiges auch gerne in Deutsch anschreiben)

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I'm trying to create a 1-80 profile like you,I tried with 1-20 for now, and works pretty good, you just need to create a profile (grinder) and add multiple zones, for example Northsire Abbey 1-5 then Elwyn Forest 6-10, Elwyn Forest 11-15 and so on...in each zone you set your level min and max, and which mobs to attack, aswell their level min-max to attack. This way the bot should know, based on the levels you set up, when and where to move for the next grind zone.

About class trainer, by default it goes to the trainer every 1 level, but you can change it with a plugin and set it as you want:

https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3937-class-trainer/ (last post)

About the riding trainer I have no idea when the bot automatically goes there and eventually buy mounts, but anyway when creating grinding profile you can add NPCs like class trainer, repairs, and even riding trainers. so check that feature out.


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Okay i done it like creating profile, choose zone, from to level, attack from to and setup a path and npcs like vendor, repair and mailbox. I have saved as:

1-5 Nordhaintal

5-10 Wald von Elwynn

10-12 Wald von Elwynn/Westfall

12-18 Westfall


or can the bot work without a path - only with given informations like level from to, attack from to, Zone Name and some mob ids and some npcs like vendor, repair, mail and creating the path by starting by itself?


(english not the easiest for me)

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You can create a route/path where to grind mobs, or u can give him a single position and assign it as hot-spot (at least this is what I understood, but I may be wrong)

Or maybe you don't even need a path, just write the names of the mobs and see what happens? I'm not expert so I can't say this will work.

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