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GetWoWUnitHostile for PVP


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ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile is useful function in many cases. To select lowest HP enemy, to multi dot, etc. But useless in pvp, because returns List<WoWUnit> objects with WoWPlayer exclusion (there is woWObject.Type==WoWObjectType.Unit condition inside this function). So, proper GetWoWUnitHostile is:

public static List<WoWUnit> GetWoWPlayerHostile() {
  List<WoWUnit> result = new List<WoWUnit>();
  try {
    foreach (WoWObject woWObject in ObjectManager.ObjectList) {
      if (!woWObject.IsValid || woWObject.IsInvisible) continue;
      WoWUnit o;
      switch (woWObject.Type) {
      //case WoWObjectType.Unit:
      //  o = new WoWUnit(woWObject.GetBaseAddress);
      //  break;
      case WoWObjectType.Player:
        o = new WoWPlayer(woWObject.GetBaseAddress);
      default: continue;
      if (woWObject.IsInvisible) continue;
      if (o.Reaction <= Reaction.Unfriendly && !o.IsDead) {
  } catch (Exception arg) {
    Logging.WriteError("GetWoWPlayerHostile error " + arg, true);
  return result;

public static List<WoWUnit> GetWoWUnitHostile() {
  List<WoWUnit> enemies = GetWoWPlayerHostile();
  if (enemies.Count == 0)
    enemies = ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitHostile();
  return enemies;

This function selects enemy players first, and if nothing found, selects hostile units.

I left some commented code in GetWoWPlayerHostile so you can see my 1st variant - 1 list with players and units together. But i think final variant is better for PVP and even for all cases

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