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Wow try to call protected function, when used with EWT lua unlocker

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Wow try to call protected function, please report it before use WRobot again.


How can i bypass this, the bot work for like hour than crashes with this error, i use EWT simple lua unlocker and NEP addon for combat rotations.

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1 minute ago, headcrab said:

You do not need any unlocker when robot run, because robot unlocks lua. Simply close EWT.

Well Nerd pack addon doesnt recognize any lua unlocker, are you sure wrobot unlocks lua?I can ask NEP author to add detection than

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4 minutes ago, headcrab said:

Ofcourse, you can check it. Simply run protected function CastSpellByName with any available spell name :)

gbl.validGround = {
	["player"] = true,
	["cursor"] = true

function f.Cast(spell, target)
	g.CastSpellByName(spell, target)

function f.CastGround(spell, target)
	if not gbl.validGround[target] then
		target = "cursor"
	f.Macro("/cast [@"..target.."]"..spell)

function f.Macro(text)

function f.UseItem(name, target)
	g.UseItemByName(name, target)

function f.UseInvItem(name)

function f.TargetUnit(target)

function f.SpellStopCasting()

But it seams wrobot doesnt support some of this functions that NEP checks for generic unlocker and so it doesnt work..

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indeed, i forgot protected lua available from robot, but you want call it from wow process. So, you still need unlocker for addon.

But because they both (robot and unlocker) change the same memory address in wow process, you will get this error sooner or later

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