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Functionality for 144hz monitors?


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Bot doesn't function properly while using a 144hz monitor and wondering if there was any plan to add functionality/support for 144hz monitors. I want to have my bots running in the background but in order to do that I have to keep my main monitor on 60hz instead of 144hz and it really ruins the quality of the game I'm playing while the bots run in the background

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I've been running the bot on 60hz so it works properly, so I'm not sure if the logs will show you anything. But here's the two I've been running for the past few days:

I can switch my monitor to 144hz and let them run for an hour or so if that'd be more helpful to diagnose the problem. As far as I've seen when I put the monitor to 144hz the bot has problems facing mobs and using pathfinding.

6 Feb 2018 09H16.log.html

6 Feb 2018 09H18.log.html


EDIT: I probably should've specified I'm playing on a vanilla server/using the vanilla version of WRobot

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