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Kill and Loot Quest with Looted Item being Opened

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Hey everyone,

I am having issues making the quester profile for Ferocitas the Dream Eater(2459) received from NPC Tallonkai Swiftroot(3567). 

Essentially the quest is to kill 7 Gnarlpine Mystics(7235) and Ferocitias(7234) and Loot the Gnarlpine Necklace(8049) off of Fero's corpse. 

The quest requires you open the Gnarlpine Necklace(8049) giving you the Tallonkai's Jewel(8050). I have tried using ItemsManager.UseItem(8049) as a runcode but that only opens the necklace it won't make the bot loot the jewel inside.

I have tried it as a KillandLoot && KillandLoot + RunCode && KillandLoot + RunCode+Gatherer

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to complete this quest?                                                                                                          

Ferocitas The Dream Eater(2459).xml

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Hmm, nice find. Unfortunately there must be some operator error going on because it still won't loot the item.

Autoloot does work if I manually shift right-click on a loot item from dead body and on the necklace to extract the jewel (I destroyed the item to repick it up).


I have the run code I'm using below:


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Wow 1.12.1 doesn't have auto loot.
You can however, call the function to look all items in the current loot window manually - Interact.InteractGameObjectAutoLoot() does exactly that, actually. However you need your latency setting in the wRobot avanced settings to be pretty high (350-500).

Just call 

/call AutoLoot in client
string[] asm = {
  //$"mov ecx, {alloc}",
  $"call {0x4C1FA0}",

Edit: I just noticed why your code couldn't work to begin with - this is how you find the game object correctl, then loot it.

var gObj= ObjectManager.GetWoWGameObjectByEntry(8049).FirstOrDefault();
if (gObj != null)
  Interact.InteractGameObjectAutoLoot(gObj.GetBaseAddress, true);


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