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Just got banned, move on and learn from my mistakes.

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So, i've been posting a whole subject about "how to bot safe" so you can learn more from there if you go on my profile and look it up.
But, i botted on Elysium, and there is a lot of bots there (who where using the exact same profiles).
And i botted on a Paladin i got to lvl 55 and it was a kida safe jurney but it took time, i often had my wow (bot) running on my 2nd screen, so i could see if some one was stalking me and so on.

I got banned on lvl 55. PPL dont care about ppl that bot in lvl 1-30 cuz there is no point.
But at lvl 35-45 it was scary some times ppl would follow me, and i had to stop the bot and talk with them so they would not report me and so on.
I did the mistake i botted on a friday evening (eu time) and i left it on to go to the gym, BIG MISTAKE..... when i came back my account was banned. and my 2nd account (that i NEVER EVER BOTTED ON) where i have a lvl 40 mage. i've sent over like 200-300 gold there, and it was all gone. so a GM banned me and i belive he saw that one more account was connected to the same ip, or just watching the trade history and traced me down. 

So in conclution... Be really careful when you bot over lvl 45 and extremly careful when you are above 50. i recommed playing normal when you are at 55. or atleast not bot when the server is poppulated.

So stay safe out there and learn from my mistakes :))   

TYTY Best regards conne2 :)) 

ps. sry for my bad english in from sweden, and I did this posting rly quick and do not have time to correct all my miss-spelling. Suck it up :3

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1 hour ago, ramz1 said:

Same here, botted too lvl 50 on my mage on Elysium and got banned. But its only a temp ban, 30 days, so I'll continue playing him normal from 50 :D

so that means i also got a temp ban? cuz it does not say "permanently banned" but i cant check it cuz i dont remember the login to elysium website 

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Same here, it becomes very hard to continue afk-botting since 40 lvl on Elysium.

Here is what I heard about:

1. they don't care botting 1-40 (or just not enough staff to handle that)

2. they have a senior GM who will summarize the reports and generate a list of bot watching list (like bot name1, 15 reports; bot name2, 12 reports, etc..) every certain hours, then they will check those suspicious bots regularly. once caught, you will get per ban.

3. they also have an automatically generated list , in terms of gold loot/leveling up/playing hours (and other parameters), for instance, in the gold loot list, the first guy looted 10000g in the past 12 hours, second guy looted 1000 gold, etc, then GM will definitely check the 1st guy`s source of gold. Same rules for leveling up, like 20 levels in the past 12 hours is not normally, etc...

4. all the 40+ lvl maps get much more attentions since, not only GMs can just massacre the bots like no mercy, but also they can also protect the main ore/herbs from gathering by bots.


so, all in all, suggestion for 40 lvl+ is: babysitting, avoid ppl, don't level too fast, don't receive too much gold, don't play 24/7 and don't play on weekends.

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If it says ur account is temp banned then yes, its a 30d ban, I pm'd a GM and he told me that for me that was the case. 1st time caught botting tho, idk how many times u can be caught before perma ban.

I made a new account and leveling it on a VPN now, level 25 rogue so far. At 40 I will definitly be more careful this time.

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13 hours ago, conne2 said:

so that means i also got a temp ban? cuz it does not say "permanently banned" but i cant check it cuz i dont remember the login to elysium website 

check your login error windows, if "closed and no longer to use" = perm ban; if "suspended" = temp ban

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Can confirm a temp ban is 30 days. Had a character of mine unbanned recently.

I logged in to some strange cage on an island that looks like it's south of Tanaris.

I'm guessing some GM teleported me there, bot closed WoW and he banned.

Island looks interesting doe... Lol.




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