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Rogue - Vanish Set up

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Hi Everyone,

I'd like to create a series of conditions to have my Rogue use vanish when 20% hp is reached and "reset" himself.


1) Engage Target

2) HP (Me) Reaches 20% 

3) Cast Vanish

4) Target resets (Evade)

5) Rogue chases evading monster continuing attack


Are there any conditions that I can utilize to "End Combat" or reset?

Looking to complete this using "Conditions" please.



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On 7/26/2018 at 6:09 PM, MrKitties said:



It's not a condition but a c# function you need to call.
If using the xml fight class editor instead of a spell you can add c# code (need to set the option to true where its c#, not a spell). There you'd add something like;


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if else need to find a proper place to regen (food), how the full code should look like? i mean, stop fight, vanish, find a point outside of mob arrgo radius, and go there for regen? to put it in "spell name" in a Fight class, and in properities set "a c# code"=true for it to work?

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