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Go to the point [quest]


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Hello everyone,

Actually i'm working on a BC (2.4.3) quest profil for clean all of the content with no elits mobs et gain many gold with only quest (no farming) and reduce ban activity.

For that i'm looking for a solution to move my caracter to some quest point.

By exemple the first step of my profil is to select a quest (through the dark portal) and move my caracter to the outland's portal. But at this point, my caracter go to the north of the map. In fact he skip my "Go to the portal" Quest with a follow path and just take the after one (TurnIn : Trough the dark portal).


I'm looking for a code, or something to force the following path and only go turnin to if my caracter is in the good area (outland here)

If u have some idea, it's will be great ! I can share the profil if u want see how i build it.


Best regards  !

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Create a follow path step that leads right before the portal, add step "Run Code" and insert one of these two codes:

wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPosition(new Vector3(123.456, 123.456, 123.456));

For 123.456 you insert the coords of a point behind the portal.


while(Usefuls.ContinentId == (int) ContinentId.Azeroth)
   wManager.Wow.Helpers.Move.Forward(Move.MoveAction.PressKey, 1000);


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wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPosition(new Vector3(123.456, 123.456, 123.456));

  Work so perfectly ! Thanks ! I adjusted at the point and the caracter take the portal perfectly !

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