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Game version incorrect


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I saw other topic but i can´t do nothing, i don´t know why i can´t use it, i update the wow game and wrobot program, i don´t know what i can do more, 

I put the command in the chat wow and this is what  happend

5.4.1 17538 Oct 25 2013 50400

I launch wow in 32 bits and i reinstal wrobot so i don´t know what i can do D:

Thank´s guys ^^



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If you play on EU servers, downgrade WRobot (read this post: )
If you play on US servers, use last version of WRobot.
(Wow update is not at the same time on US and EU servers)
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what do you mean by last VERSION?


Instead of downloading the latest version, Download the Previous one, Should be a link to both. US Servers get updated Before EU Servers do,


So make sure if your on eu, Wait until they pull an update or use previous version,


Be previous version he means the version that was uploaded before the most recent one.

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