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Warmane Honor Farming

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I'm wondering about ban rates associated with this software for BG farming only. Assume the character was hand-leveled and is already somewhat geared, and if I build my own paths/routes and class profiles.

Also I've heard rumors that the client can detect the API calls used by this program, is that true? After reading the forums a bit it seems that most of the bans complaints are from grinding (either 1-70 or for mats) and use the generic profiles that can be sniffed out a mile away.

Thanks for any input -- look forward to hearing back

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WRobot was never made for BGs. You only have limited options in creating your own profiles, but you definitely need to do it. It is not detected on Warmane and defaults Warden scans anyway.

That being said, back in the day I botted 16 hours/day on most of my chars on Warmane and never got banned. Eventually, my main got caught because I was careless and they improved their "natural" detection. Also, depending on your class will you HAVE TO write your fightclasses in C# or they will be too obviously bots.

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Thanks for the input.

I ended up buying the 3-day pass to test the waters and I'm impressed. I made a pretty robust class for my char and it performs better than a lot of noobs, like top 5 in AV. 

Once I tune the path and class a bit more it'll get even better.

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