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Been using the fishing bot and it has caught me over 60,000 fish total. I have noticed that it very often recast even tho there is no fish on the hook. This does not necessarily cause any major problem however the bots information tab (Farms : x (x/hr) becomes irreverent since the information shown are not all 100%, or even 95% correct. 

I have tried the following:

Deleting all config files, did not help.

Deleted all files and made a fresh download. This did not help either.

BUT, changing the millisecond delays for loot, interact and search time had some change on this issue. 


By default loot and interact timers are set to "0 milliseconds" and the search timer is set to "2000 milliseconds". At 2000 milliseconds it feels much l.less of a problem but with a 2000 milliseconds the calculated items per hour is drastically decreased. I like to sit around 1-100 milliseconds delay on the search timer which will average of 1100-1500 items per hour, according to the bot. With a delay of 2000 milliseconds it goes all the way down to 400-600.

Am I doing something wrong?

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7 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, you can also try to change min/max latency in advanced general settings, but I haven't perfect settings, this depend of your server, connection, load, ...

I've made some changes in the advanced section and the over-all performance has gotten better but it is still acting weird...

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