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many questions


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1- Does the 1 month 7.99 EUR 10 sessions  works for vanilla use?

2- when i load a grinder profile and click the play button, does nothing, only starts on Automaton mode. what am i doing wrong? 

3- the combat rotation of my char when my char is grinding depends on the *.cs file on fight class in general settings? 

4-  sometimes when my char is herb gathering casting, gets interrumped and goes away , leaving the herb behind, how can i fix this? 



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1. Yes

2. Check if you use grinder (and not quester or gatherer profile), and if you use vanilla profile.

3. Yes, look this: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3633-getting-started-with-wrobot-video/

4. Try to disable your wow addons, if problem is not resolved try to increment your min/max latency (in advanced general settings).

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