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ignores blacklist area

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bot ignores blacklist area and still continues to try and gather a node that is clearly out of reach and is at a higher altitude that cant be accessed the way its going. This makes it quite obvious and annoying when I blacklist the area multiple times and to no avail nothing.N] 08:50:42 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 4 (55.34541y)
[N] 08:50:45 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
[N] 08:50:45 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 08:50:46 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
[N] 08:50:46 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 08:50:50 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out
[N] 08:50:50 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -2644.262 ; -1990.063 ; 27.95688 ; "None" to -2614.87 ; -1983.65 ; 64.49554 ; "None" (Azeroth)
[N] 08:50:52 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 4 (59.01351y)
[N] 08:50:56 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
[N] 08:50:56 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 08:50:57 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
[N] 08:50:57 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 08:50:59 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out
[N] 08:50:59 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -2634.652 ; -1987.5 ; 36.52028 ; "None" to -2614.87 ; -1983.65 ; 64.49554 ; "None" (Azeroth)
[N] 08:50:59 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 (2.04571y)
[N] 08:51:00 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
[N] 08:51:00 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on
[N] 08:51:01 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
[N] 08:51:01 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on

keeps repeating this bullshit

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my apologies for my temper. I just lose it easy when I have no idea what to do when I been tinkering away at this thing for a few hours, but now it seems I have to look into the code myself even though I have no idea where to begin with that

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Sounds like you probably want to reinstall wrobot into a new folder.
Also, complaining doesn't get you anywhere, no one is forcing you to use WRobot.
Just be happy that there is anything out there, you could obviously feel free to make something yourself. ?

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51 minutes ago, kymel said:

why a new folder?  you're right about complaining. 

Because usually when you tell people to reinstall wrobot, they don't completely remove the previous folders, leaving traces of an old install.
So it's generally just easier to tell people to install to a new folder. ?

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3 hours ago, kymel said:

whats the point in the reinstallation? what does it exactly do?

Have you tried?

Reinstall fixes so many weird bugs, you can either try or just ignore my advice, hoping someone else will help you.

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