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Unable to connect to wrobot server


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Recently, I was unable to connect to the wrobot server. When I started wrobot, nothing happened. Similarly, I can't open the official website of wrobot.

C:\Users\xxxx>ping wrobot.eu

正在 Ping wrobot.eu [] 具有 32 字节的数据:
请求超时。 的 Ping 统计信息:
    数据包: 已发送 = 4,已接收 = 0,丢失 = 4 (100% 丢失),

I think this is because of the Chinese government's GFW project, because when I use a VPN proxy (such as SSTap), I can access the official website of wrobot, but in the case of using VPN, I still can't connect to the wrobot server. , an error message will appear.

(I have removed the wrobot many times and re-downloaded it, still can't connect to the server.)

How should I do?


21 7月 2018 09H08 - LeJCaQ.log.html

21 7月 2018 09H54.log.html

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56 minutes ago, BetterSister said:

Server may have been down for a moment. It works for me now


Server not down,if i use a VPN, i can access the official website.but cant connect to the wrobot program server.

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