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Flying off to other areas


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I have been using the pet battle bot for a few days now made a few of my own profiles and everything. But some times i find that the bot gets a bit confused and will fly off too a tottaly different map and start fighting pets Last time i was farming in Searing George and it decided to go to Dun Morogh and start killing level 2 pets instead if tge level 13s i needed to level


Any help or advice would be great!

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My only issue is it seems to be picking totaly different zones eachtime. It does work correclty if i shut down the bot and start it up again but i never know how long its going to be untill it decides to go on a wander again

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You have this problem with one profile or several?
Can you send me your profile please.



Hello Droidz! I have the same problem; I noticed that start happening with my profiles (All of them)

I had one that I use for level pets in a Pandaria zones, it was working great. Around a week (more/less) it start doing whatever the robot wants. And the other condition I noticed it’s that when I create a new profile it work for few (15 minutes to 1:30 hrs). But after few loops it goes to a different area/zone and get stuck flying up, up, up and more up...


Note: The other bug I found it’s that all the new profiles Always goes to the original profile path  (The first I create for pandaria zones) and stay looping there instead of the route they suppose to go.


There is something happened with last updates or were setting up something wrong?

Note: It’s the same issue with all profiles.


Sorry for my English, I try to do my best. LOL!

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I let the bot make it to were is was trying to go and then stopped the bot and blacklisted the spot it was trying to travel to. Then the bot would follow the path without fail.

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