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interrupt casting at 80 - 90%


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Hello folks,

I'm currently working on a simple pvp rotation, but I still struggle with interrupt spells.

If you choose Target in Cast in profile creator it will interrupt the target immediately and it will look really fishy,

if you choose Target Casting Time Left it feels like it doesn't really matter which value you choose, it will interrupt very early as well.

thanks in advance

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Hello, you can try to use lua codition https://wow.gamepedia.com/API_UnitCastingInfo:

local name, text, texture, startTimeMS, endTimeMS, isTradeSkill, castID, notInterruptible, spellId = UnitCastingInfo("player")
if name then 
 local finish = GetTime() - startTimeMS/1000
 local casttime = (endTimeMS - startTimeMS) /1000
 local p = finish * 100 / casttime
 print(name .. ' casting ' .. p .. ' %.')


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@Droidz do we have to replace the first line ?

lets say I want to use (shadow priest's) silence to interrupt any cast. 15487

silence, silence, path?(what path?), 1500(where it can attempt interrupt), 500(where the attempt ends?), tradeskill(what is this?), 15487(silence id), notInterruptible(then what), spellId = UnitCastingInfo("focus")

Silence, Silence, _, _, endTime = UnitCastingInfo"focus") if spell then local finish = endTimeMS/1000 - GetTime()  print(spell .. ' will be finished casting in ' .. finish .. ' seconds.') end

if I add this as lua script is it going to work?

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