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Should I be scared to be banned?

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So, I have been botting on and off on my warrior, mostly questing and a bit of grinding, and as I have reached level 42 I have decided to quit as losing the character at this point would suck. Now, I however fear that I will get banned with a delay from my previous botting. When can I consider myself in the safe zone? I'm not especially keen on manually leveling a warrior from 42 to 60 just to have it banned once I'm in pre-raid bis gear.

Any advice?

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So they have a note system in place, you can find screenshots of it if you go through the GMs comments on the subreddit.

It basically keeps tracks of infractions, past mutes, etc etc. Sometimes a new GM can't ban but will leave a comment for a senior GM to investigate, eg if you failed 4/6 of the anti bot measures.

You have to be online for the senior GM to follow up,  they won't wait till your 60, it'll be within a day or two but I could be wrong on that.

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As Bambo said, if they don't get you within a few days after you stopped botting it's unlikely they will ever get you... unless someone provides them with some kind of evidence you were botting (such as a video clip) later down the line.
I'd say you have a high chance of not being banned if you've stop botting.

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