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  1. problem doing dalaran quest in areas. very choppy if it is a beta program maybe charge less so people dont feel itis a bad program, it does what it says but only stops at the achieved moment
  2. i have paid for this and i am waiting for you to contact me  please do so so i can get this working the demo has yet to respond and the .rar ias not functioning in the custom yet paypal has been paid waiting 2 hours thus far 


    1. Hellscream21


      Hello, after you paid you should be redirected to a link where you can Download the rar file.

      This file you need to unzip (WinRar) and copy the folder into your WRobot folder

      Then it should work properly.

      If not do net hesitate to ask again.


      Greetings Hellscream21

  3. it gives me error saying it is not for the right version of the game please help
  4. just like to know if anyone has one going yet to farm the tree for the lumber mill since it shows up on the mini map thought it could be do able. I been trying and got nothing yet to work 100 percent of the time.