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  1. awesome. thanks for getting on that so fast. I just dl'd it and i'll try it out tonight.
  2. Please tell me what your settings are in wRobot. I just can't seem to get any of the healer FC to heal anyone other than myself.
  3. I have to agree with thejm. I would like to see in settings either a number of mob kills before you loot or a set time. I'd like them to be user defined in plugin settings because the respawn rate would greatly control the need for a set time to loot. One of the places i currently farm has a very high respawn rate so for max farming I would like to set it to loot every minute maybe but looting every kill is, pardon the pun...overkill. Unfortunately I'm not versed enough in programming to change this in the source code provided.
    Am I missing something? This fc did not work at all. I used it with battlegrounder. First bg was wsg. First thing it did was spam plea on a random player till the match started. Then my bot ran down the tunnel and into a mage that ice blocked and needed a little healing. My bot did nothing. I mounted and rode through the horde. They attacked me. I did nothing at all, just kept riding. I got attacked by them and I didnt even dismount and heal myself. I died. Thats where i stopped the bot. Please help me with any settings that I might need for this FC. I have everything set to default.
  4. Attack before being attacked is turned off everywhere in wRobot. Attack all selected targets (friends also) is turned off in wrotation. My bot is still attacking neutral (yellow) npc. Someone please help...
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Simple Grinder profile to farm Shal'dorei Silk. I made a short path but while farming on my Disc Priest pulling 4 at a time the spawn rate of the Deepcavern Murloc was high enough that I never moved. I got 450 silk in aprox 2 hours along with all the other greens and greys. I never got any epic world drops like a youTube video claimed they got in the same place.
  6. Version 1.0


    DiscPriest FC MP 1.0.xml This is a new fight class for Disc Priest while using Droidz's Multi pull plugin that you can find in the Download Plugins section on this site. This FC is made to put SW: Pain on every mob you pull. In Droidz's Multi Pull plugin you can set the number of mobs to pull at a time. Making this FC I was farming Shal'dorei Silk in the Stonedark Grotto in Highmountain. The cords to the cave enterence are 42, 25. I have made a Grinder profile for this cave as well that you can find in my files. I have a path in that profile but the Deepcavern Murloc spawn so fast you never really move at all. This is a great Grinder place because the Murloc are neutral so you only fight who you attack. While I haven't tried this FC without Droidz's Multi Pull plugin I wouldn't use it without because I believe you would use SW: Pain way too much in a 1 v 1 fight.
  7. I think what you are more looking for is already in. Alt-c starts and stops the bot if you are in the wow window or not. So alt-c, stop and do your thing, alt-c the bot starts again and goes back to work.
  8. Here are all the logs for today, 9-28-2016 28 Sep 2016 13H01.log.html 28 Sep 2016 13H54.log.html 28 Sep 2016 13H55.log.html 28 Sep 2016 14H53.log.html 28 Sep 2016 20H38.log.html
  9. What logs do you want me to share? Whether I use grinder or automator my bot attacks everything in the zone. I only bot casually so I don't nor do i want to spend the time to have to put all the neutral npc on a blacklist for every zone I go into. I just want to know if there is a way to make the bot not attack any npc that are neutral to me.
  10. I find my bot painstakingly attacking everything that it can target...even the little bugs. I have looked high and low on the site and found nothing that helped me. What I am wanting to know is if there is a way to "blacklist" attacking all neutral or "yellow" mobs while grinding or automaton or whatever without having to add every single "yellow"/neutral mob into the blacklist? Is there maybe an "attack only none friendly" option I'm missing somewhere in wrobot?
  11. Version 1.0


    This is the update for DiscPriest FC update. Sorry for so much renaming and re-uploading, I'm fairly new to this sort of stuff. Updates from now on will be numerical from now on...1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and so on. This update has a few minor tweaks. The biggest is that penance is used more often for dsp.
  12. Here is the DiscPriest FC update, update. I changed the name again lol. Every update from now on will be number sequence...1.0...1.1...1.2 blah blah DiscPriest FC 1.0.xml
  13. As for the healing, I assume you mean just off healing? If so I will look into that and ad it in and up the file in a different name. otllegerrt, I do have a newer version that has a few minor tweaks. The biggest one is using penance more for dps. I'll get that upped asap. Sorry for the slow replies. I've been trying to get through my class quests and gearing up.
  14. sumodima you are right. that does start and stop it, even when its in my other monitor. thanks
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